Yesterday I did some Christmas shopping for a new guest in my house. I’ve never invited them before so I hope they’re not too upset. I bought several items, and uncovered a few from my storage cupboard to gift them with.

Say hello to my new artificial friend, my hyperreal evergreen if you (good) will.


I decided to begin my newest collection with ornaments that have at least some meaning. I’ll start with the most recent additions.

The first two are fairly large discs with the initials of my first name (L) and my boyfriend’s (G) in a traditional font from M&S.


The next one, also from M&S, is of an ice skate. Glitter has been used on the blade to give the illusion of ice. I used to figure skate as a child and G is very fond of ice hockey.


I bought a set of three globes from TK Maxx as we love to travel – they are in sepia, pale blue and navy.


Also travel-inspired is this white wooden house from John Lewis, which reminded me of my most recent visit to Norway. I call these Moomin houses, even though Moomin is Finnish.


The paper star was a gift in a Christmas card, with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.


The older ones

This metal one is from Spain; it was a gift filled with sweets. We also have one in white.


A plush Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my favourite childhood movies. I got this many moons ago from the Disney Store, and they continue to make Nightmare ornaments.


I hope my little tree enjoys its first Christmas, and I look forward to adding to my collection of ornaments over the coming years.