And so the Sochi Winter Olympics is over, and what a joy it was. There were 12 brand new events, world records were broken, and a record number of medals won for Great Britain, including a gold in the skeleton. Presenter Claire Balding and her shopping trolley full of BBC equipment was so random but brilliant.

My favourite event was the ladies figure skating, which potentially had six skaters vying for gold. Despite the contention surrounding the winner, for me Adelina Sotnikova was the definitive choice. She not only had the most technically challenging programme in the competition, but also some of the most creative spins, steps and spirals.

The events were topped off by an incredible closing ceremony, which celebrated Russia’s cultural accomplishments. Russian authors, composers, dancers and artists were commemorated, including a Marc Chagall painting come to life. This was extremely impressive and featured upside-down houses, and dancers and stilt-walkers dressed as figures from his work. It looked to me like a pastiche of several paintings, including ‘I and the Village’, and ‘The Fiddler’ series…but I could be wrong.


The Moscow State Circus was also honoured, by way of a light projection of a striped big top, complete with acrobats and performers. It was magical.

2014 Winter Olympic Games - Closing Ceremony

Coincidentally, the circus theme and the music used in the Chagall segment – ‘Polka’ by Alfred Schnittke – married to provide the backdrop of a highly expressive figure skating programme in the late 90s for probably my favourite ever male figure skater, Alexei Yagudin, from St Petersburg. Alexei won an Olympic gold medal for Russia in 2002, as well as four World Championships.

You can watch him perform this here.

If you missed the ceremony and are in the UK, it is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.