A few months ago I displayed my friend Jolly’s creations, which included poems, drawings and pieces of art. I had forgotten about this heart on a stick, or pierced heart, made using a hollow, shiny red heart (not quite sure what it’s made of). I really like this piece and will need to find a better way to display it.

This bare single rose is made of clay, and was produced by hand by a sculptor at the Royal Doulton factory in Staffordshire. I visited the factory as a child and was gifted the rose before I left. I like its simplicity, its starkness, and its shape.

This black lacquered object is a puzzle box, which my Dad bought me from a German market. I love the look of this box, with its exposed wood motif. You must solve the puzzle to open the box, where you can hide anything you like: jewellery, a secret note, a photograph.

I used the newly-found items to decorate the coffee table, along with a heart candle holder I featured in my charity shop post. I also came across this cheap red and silver tea light holder in the supermarket, as well as a candle snuffer.

I hadn’t changed my coffee table books or decor in months, so added an ice hockey book for the Winter Olympics and a new title I got for just £3 in TK Maxx on Chagall. The Chagall book worked out well for the table: Russian and romantic, with a red cover. The other new book is one I bought my boyfriend for Christmas – a Taschen title on Stanley Kubrick.

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