As well as my fascination with brooches, as a teenager I began collecting pin badges – or 10p badges as they are also called, due to their size. Most of them were music-inspired, as music was at that point my biggest love, and I wore them proudly on my hideous baize-coloured school blazer, complete with fetching gold trim.

I picked them up at concerts, record stores, charity shops and other random places. Whilst I don’t wear them anymore – unlike the brooches – I like to take a look at them from time, and remind myself how I’ve changed.

This photograph includes pins from The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, GBH, UK SUBS (the sweary one), and a generic punk badge.

I have a battered Adidas magic badge I found in the street.

I also have a Moomin one, a Miffy one, and some lip prints (I’m quite fond of red lipstick).


For some inexplicable reason I store the badges in an ET tin I got free at Burger King, which was probably my staple diet in the 90s.