The Lion Rampant

The Lion Rampant

With Burns Day coming up (25th January), I thought it was a good time to remind people of the inimitable Scots tongue. Since I moved to England six months ago, I don’t get to say these words very often for fear of strange looks. Here are some of my favourite Scottish words and their meanings.

Fankle – meaning tangled eg ‘my knitting is all in a fankle’

Guddle – meaning jumble or muddle eg ‘I have gotten myself in a guddle’

Jiggered – meaning extremely tired or weary eg ‘I’m jiggered after that workout’

Puggled – same meaning as above but equally fun to say

Rumgumption – meaning common sense eg ‘he hadn’t the rumgumption to understand the question’

Laldie (pronounced laldeh) – meaning to give it one’s all eg ‘give it laldie on that dance floor/football pitch/anywhere else you want to impress’

Loupin/Lowpin (lou/low pronounced as in allow) – meaning really painful or sore eg ‘my leg is loupin’

Peely-wally (pronounced peely-wahly)- meaning very pale or pasty eg ‘you’re looking a bit peely-wally today’

Footery – meaning fiddly or awkward eg ‘undoing this necklace catch is too footery’

Nineteen-canteen – meaning a long long time ago eg ‘I haven’t seen you since nineteen-canteen’