Yes, I was back at the fair. This time it was a real life travelling vintage one. Based in Berkshire, Carters [sic] Steam Fair has been on the go since 1977, featuring rides, stalls and games dating from the 1890s to the 1960s. Whilst some of the ride are steam-powered, such as the Yachts (1921) and the Galloper (1895), others rely on electricity.

I have been to funfairs, or ‘the shows’ as they are commonly named, many times but this fair felt much more authentic. The sweet smell of popcorn and candy floss, the blinking lights and the 1950s rock and roll music all added to the old-time atmosphere.

The Dive Bomber (1946) was originally owned by Billy Smart, the famous circus impressario.

This ride, the Jungle Thriller Noah’s Ark, dates from 1934 and has been restored to its art deco roots. It emulates motorcycle speedway rides of the 30s.

Penny Arcade

Luna Park game inspired by the famous Coney Island amusement park (opened 1903). There are now fairgrounds named Luna Park all over the globe.

‘Pussy’ game, in which you shoot cats with a handgun. How lovely. The moon in the background of the game is very George Melies, A Trip to the Moon (1902). This was filmed at around the same time as the first Luna Park opened in Brooklyn, which was named after a 1901 ride called, funnily enough, A Trip to the Moon.

Carters sometimes features a wall of death stunt show. This was not on during my visit so I may try to see this another time.

Upcoming fairs will include fireworks displays for bonfire night. See the website for dates. http://www.carterssteamfair.co.uk/

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