I have included a short history concerning some of the items. (Bottom row, left to right).

The Firebird, in Slavic folklore, is quite similar to the phoenix. It is a mythical, glowing creature, whose feathers stay lit even when they have fallen out. The Firebird is described as both a blessing and a curse to its finder. In 1910, the Firebird inspired a ballet of the same name, which was composed by Stravinsky.

Russian dolls, also known as ‘Matryoshka’ (‘little matron’) or ‘babushka’ (grandmother) dolls were first carved in Russia in the late 19th century by Vasily Zvyozdochkin, a folk crafts painter.

Khokhloma is a Russian craft of wood painting, which began in the 17th century. The wood is typically painted black and decorated in red and gold, usually in a floral pattern. Khokloma is seen in many forms, but is more commonly used for tableware.

-Johnathan Ward Kartushya Candle, £35 from John Lewis. Also available as a diffuser.
-Oxford Damask Jacquard Cushion, £19.50 from M&S. Also comes in blue.
-PiP Studio Ribbon Rose Espresso Cup & Saucer (Khaki), £10. Available from most department stores and in other colours.
-Vintage Russian decorative plate (1990s) – ‘The Tsarevich and the Firebird’, £12.99 via Etsy.
-Marks and Spencer Russian Doll Cushion, £12.
-Soviet Khokhloma tray with six shot glasses (1970s, hand-painted), £29.20 via Etsy.