This half moon lamp is – believe it or not – from Marks and Spencer. I bought two (one for each bedside table) in 2011 but they have since re-appeared on the M&S website. They are very sturdy, well-made lamps (chromed steel) and give a warm glow, which is bright enough to read at night but not blindingly so. They come in both table and ceiling form.


The black lacquer jewellery box was a Christmas present a couple of years ago. It was from the shop Past Times, which sadly fell into administration earlier in the year. Past Times had an art deco section both in store and on their website, so it’s a shame they went out the game.

It’s a fairly large box, with two layers and different sized compartments inside. I especially like the geometric metal clasp on the front.

My boyfriend bought me the notebook for my birthday a couple of years back. It is by Paperblanks, and the cover features an imprint of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first page draft of The Great Gatsby, in gold ink. I haven’t used it yet but when I do, I’ll make sure it’s for something worthwhile (ie not shopping lists).