Brooklands: The Birthplace of British Motorsport and Aviation


Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey, encompasses various aviation and motoring exhibits, including a London Bus Museum.

It is probably best known for motor racing and features the first purpose-built motor racing circuit in the world, holding its first official race in July 1907. Unfortunately, the First World War put a stop to racing in 1914. After the war racing re-commenced but was halted yet again due to WW2. The last ever race was held in August 1939.

I have chosen to focus more on the aviation side of the Museum, in particular Concorde.

Brooklands designed, constructed and tested aircraft from the early 1900s and from 1910 was a training centre for pilots. The art deco ‘Aero Clubhouse’, designed by airport architect Graham Dawbarn, opened in 1932 (sadly I did not photograph this). In 1986 Brooklands closed its aviation factory.

{Delta Golf, with the Sultan of Oman’s VC-10 from the 1970s in the background}


Concorde G-BBDG (Delta Golf) 1974
-Only 20 Concorde planes were made, mainly flown by British Airways and Air France. Flights between London or Paris and New York (primary routes) took less than half the time of a regular jet.

-Delta Golf was the first aircraft in the world to fly 100 people at Mach 2 – twice the speed of sound at 1350 mph (2150 kph).

-The windows are very small – this was for safety reasons. Once in the air, the aluminium fuselage expanded by eight inches in length, so you may have found that your window had moved after take-off!

-The Flight Deck, fuselage sections and the tailfin of every Concorde were manufactured at Brooklands.

-Concorde ended flights in 2003 after nearly 27 years of commercial service. This was mainly due to costs.

Being on Concorde wasn’t nearly as glamorous as I had envisioned. It isn’t very spacious inside and compared to images of first class seating – or cabins even – for airlines nowadays such as Emirates, the interior was rather plain.

{Bedroom inside the Sultan’s VC-10. I think the teddy was part of a treasure hunt at the Museum}

{Seating area inside VC-10}

{An aubergine-coloured Mercedes, which appealed to me. Not sure if it belongs to the Museum but it was parked up in the grounds}

Entry to Brooklands Museum costs £10 for an adult. Tickets for Concorde are an additional £4
The Museum is open daily from 10am