My next collection was started over twenty years ago and includes brooches, pins and badges in a myriad of styles, shapes and sizes. Like hats, I feel that brooches are a very underrated and underused accessory.

This is a real domino with a pin attached (you can buy brooch pins from craft shops or art stores). I enjoyed playing dominoes as a child, and still indulge in a game once in a while. I was surprised when an Asian man once asked me what it was as I assumed that dominoes was a worldwide game. Quite what entices me to the domino as an image I am unsure of, perhaps the balance – or imbalance – of the numbers (the numbers on the brooch have no significance). This brooch, along with the old Domino Sugar factory in Manhattan, influenced the name of this blog.

The skating teddy is a brooch I’ve had since childhood and is a firm favourite. I love the jewel colours, especially the sapphire blue. I also love winter sports, especially ice sports, and attending the Winter Olympics is an ambition of mine.

This is actually a collar chain, which came as part of a set of collar accessories from H&M. I usually wear this on my hand-me-down denim jacket (circa 1980). The collar pin from the set has the words ‘The City’ attached, and the use of the bowler hat and the cityscape on the yellow badge hark back to a time when people were more put together and conservatively dressed. It reminds me of one of my favourite films, A Clockwork Orange, due to the bowler hat that Alex wears, and also the high-risers.

{Pumpkin pin and Zero badge from The Nightmare Before Christmas}

Although we don’t really celebrate it in the UK in the way our cousins in the US do, Halloween is probably my favourite holiday. When I was at primary school I couldn’t wait to dress up, and wore all kinds of costumes, from Minnie Mouse to Cleopatra. My most-loved childhood movie was The Nightmare Before Christmas, and watching this was not confined to Halloween and Christmas!

Many of my brooches are charity fundraising pins. This particular one was issued for the British Heart Foundation and shows three paintbrushes and three hearts. Once again, I am drawn to the image of the red heart, but this also represents my growing fondness for art.