On day four of my trip I took some time out in the morning to explore Central Park, and spent a while admiring the view of the lake and the Bethesda Fountain, watching the world go by. Before I walked around the park, I stopped at Gray’s Papaya, for the $4.95 recession special of two hot dogs and a fresh papaya drink. Both were delicious.


An art deco building on the fringes of the park

Bethesda Fountain

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art aka the Met, is the largest art museum in America. Situated at Central Park, some of its largest collections include African art and Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian art on display includes highly-decorative coffins, sarcophagus’ and similar underworld ephemera. The Temple of Dendur, situated in the Sackler Wing, is one of the biggest draws. Built around 1000 BC and created from sandstone, it is framed by a reflecting pool of water that symbolises the Nile, which threatened to flood the Temple during the 1960s.

If you prefer European art, paintings by greats such as Cezanne, Renoir, Rembrandt, Degas, Turner and Delacroix to name but a few are on display.

The Charles Engelhard Court in the American Wing was where I saw some of my favourite pieces at the Met – works by Charles Comfort Tiffany, including an incredibly detailed water feature: Garden Landscape and Fountain. I am looking forward to visiting the Morse Museum in Orlando, Florida, to view more of Tiffany’s work.



An upcoming exhibit (from May 9th – August 14th) I was sad to be missing out on is PUNK: Chaos to Couture, which will include original punk garments and the themes of London and New York.

The Met is vast so be sure to visit with a focus if you have specific works of art in mind. The admission fee is a recommended $25, or if you have CityPASS, entry is included in the booklet. The Museum is closed on Mondays.