My second day included my second museum – the Museum of Modern Art aka MoMA. As an admirer of Expressionism I was looking forward to this visit. The experience was enjoyable and I saw some very famous works such as ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch and ‘Starry Night’ (which was a lot smaller than I had envisioned) by Vincent van Gogh, as well as works by Jackson Pollock and a couple of Dali and Picasso pieces. On a personal note, I would have liked to have seen some German Expressionism on display.

As the weather cooled I walked back to my hotel via Times Square, which is how I imagine an acid trip to feel like, and stopped outside the Chrysler Building for photographs to add to my deco collection. The skyscraper is very impressive, complete with gargoyles and an ornate spire. Built around the same time as the Empire State Building, it sadly has no observation deck.

After a break, I boarded an Amtrak train to Newark for an NHL match between the Boston Bruins and the New Jersey Devils. Tickets for Madison Square Garden teams can be pricey and difficult to obtain, however, my boyfriend being a Boston fan meant that Newark was always on the cards.
At the Prudential Center we watched the Bruins beat the Devils in a closely fought match (sans fist fights but with one concussion) joined by 17,000 fans before being utterly drenched during a thunderstorm en route back to New York. Outside Penn Station we did get to see a fist fight between two cab drivers, which was quite unexpected.